meet our admin team

The Chatting Zone (TCZ) has several ranks which grant players different privileges. The admin team is responsible for handling a variety of user requests and can follow two paths - druids and wizards.  Druids are typically those users who are more socially-oriented whereas wizards are those users who are particularly skilled in building and coding.


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Deity, Canadian

Contributions: He's too old to remember but we're sure he did SOMETHING.

*slips you the weiner*


Appy Wizard, American

Contributions: Trivia, diary, personality test and the latest tennis ball!



Wizard, Canadian

Contributions: Spam module, clubs, adbook and game/bug fixes!



Deity, American

Contributions: The TCZ Historical Society, expanded help system, TCZ Go game, and many commands (type 'loraxhelp').



Deity, English

Contributions: Meet organizer, addictive games like TCZBINGO, updates to Battleships and tournaments and more!



Elder Druid, English

Contributions: Epic meet host, Chingboot concept, TCZ Academy and Spodbucks!

"1, 2, 3, 4, Fizz, 6, Buzz..."


Druid, Canadian

Contributions: Spodbucks, it's related commands and zoom host.

"To be fair!"


Deity, American

Contributions: TCZ source code contributor/maintainer, LORD, Jeopardy, Unscramble and more!

"Silly droo-wad."


Druid, Canadian

Contributions: Meet organizer, various feeling commands and this website!

"*grins evilly*"

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